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This website was created to promote my books and blog.


Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubt was released in June of 2017. The book is a spiritual memoir illustrating the disruption that took place in my life after I ended my long-term employment. The book spans a four-year period full of personal trials and lessons while I was searching for security, success and a place to comfortably call my home.

Dancing With Life: Healing After the Death of a Child was published in 2012. It too is a spiritual memoir. However, it’s about my life after the death of my thirteen-year-old son, Eric. He stayed “earthbound” for almost a year before crossing over to the spirit realm. It’s an amazing story about the bond between a mother and child. Dancing With Life also gives a lot of examples on ways to heal through this tremendous grief.

Grief With a Twist is the title of my blog. I named it that because grief can be a heavy subject that people would rather avoid talking about if possible. Death is a subject full of sadness and despair. My intention, by creating the blog is to bring death into the light. Grief With a Twist also covers the subjects of healing, spiritual growth and the afterlife.


My promise to you, the reader, is that I’ll add at least one new post every month and I’ll respond to any questions or comments on a timely basis. If there is something you would like me to blog about within the parameters of subjects above, please email me on the contact page.

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