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Why is death such a hard subject to talk about? I would like to make it easier. There really is no death. That’s the twist. When someone dies, they just leave their physical body and begin a new chapter in the spiritual realm where they continue to learn and grow.gaylelee2x3-1

We miss the interaction. We miss their company and seeing their beautiful face. We must grieve this loss. I created this website to help others who are going through the process. I was told once that the way to heal is by talking about it. My youngest son was killed in a car crash when he was 13. That was 22 years ago. Eric stayed earthbound for almost a year to make sure I would be alright. That means he didn’t cross over to the spiritual realm right away. I saw him after he died. Other people did too. This proved the theory for me. Life continues.

I currently live in my home state of Michigan where I work as a home manager and nanny for 3 boys. My first book, Dancing with Life Healing After the Death of a Child was published in 2012. My second book Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubt will be released this summer. Life is good now and I still feel Eric’s presence often. He lets me know he’s around, especially whenever something cool happens.

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