Ancestors in my Bathroom

One thing I’ve learned about visits from my deceased ancestors is that water is a conductor for their spirits. The water makes it easier for them to connect. I’m not sure how it works, only that it does. Messages from them come more often when I am in the bathtub, pool or shower.

I was soaking in the tub recently when my mom came through. My aunt was with her. My aunt and I got to know each other pretty well before she died in 2014. My mom passed in 2009. My aunt didn’t say anything during this visit. It was like she was giving the floor to my mom. I was singing to my favorite song on the CD when I heard my mom say,

“You better stick to writing”.

I laughed because she was right. I couldn’t hit some of the notes and it was funny because I didn’t know anyone was listening at the time.

Then our conversation turned more serious. My mom said she felt sorry for some of the things that happened when I was young. She felt like she could have done more to protect me. I could tell she felt heavy with regret. I told her I thought she did the best she could. I told her I was alright. It felt like it was important for her to tell me that. They faded away and I felt really blessed that they came, blessed that I could feel and hear them.

These next two examples are excerpts from my soon-to-be released book,

Fortitude: A Quest through Fear and Doubt

My mom loved to do jigsaw and word search puzzles. A couple years ago I was having a slow day at work. I was doing the crossword puzzle in the back of Reminisce magazine.  It’s a magazine about the “old days”. I was never a big fan of history, but I enjoyed puzzles. I was getting a lot of the answers in my head to questions I would never know. It felt like my mom was helping me. I felt her unique energy near me. Then I got answers to the puzzle she wouldn’t even know. It really threw me off.

After work that day, I called my friend who receives spirit messages. She said it was my mom and she was going around to other people in spirit, getting the answers and relaying them back to me!

I wondered how all of this happened so quickly. Then I realized-she didn’t have to physically walk over to these other helpers and ask them. She is in the spirit realm, so there is no time to be wasted. There was no time!

Months before that, I was at the spa. I had the swimming pool all to myself when my grandmother came through. I had been working on my family tree, a project for one of my college courses. My grandmother told me she was much happier now (I remembered her being kind of ornery and strict while she was alive). It too felt like it was important for her to let me know this.

Our ancestors have a need and desire to communicate with us. I love hearing from them. It makes me feel more in harmony with the universe. We are all here to help one another. My post next week will be about how to become a clearer channel.

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