Anchor to Prosperity (Part 1 of 7)

Have you ever driven to work and realized when you got there that you didn’t remember the ride? Do you often feel anxious or fearful in everyday life? Have you had a trauma at birth? These are a few of the issues related to the base (or root) chakra.

The chakra system is a lengthy subject so I’ll be breaking it down into seven parts, one for each major chakra. First I’d like to include a short explanation of the manifesting and liberating currents. These currents function along with the chakras. All work together.

It’s important to know that there are two main energy currents running through thepexels-photo-29550 (2) body. One goes up and is called the liberating current. The liberating current is what helps us feel a sense of freedom. It gives us universal thought and the ability to expand our mind toward spiritual matters. The other current goes down and it’s called the manifesting current. The manifesting current enables us to manifest ideas and thoughts into physical form. It helps us have a connection to the earth and a sense of feeling grounded.

Both of these currents need to be working in order to achieve balance in our lives. When our manifesting current isn’t working well, we don’t feel centered or comfortable in our body. We feel spaced out, like we’re not grounded. On the other hand, if our liberating current is not working well, we have trouble with change and growth, we’re stuck in a mundane, boring life. We’re unable to find a deeper meaning for our own existence.

To get both currents working well, I have found that visualization helps. I like to use hand gestures, bringing the energy down from above(to manifest) and then, up from the earth to free (liberate) myself  from the material world.

I have learned some of this information from other people, in different classes and in books. The most in-depth information I have found comes from the book, Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith. I will be referencing her book regularly as I continue posting about the chakra system. (Click here for more information about Anodea Judith). Her popular website is called Sacred Centers and  is dedicated to educating people about the chakra system.  Sacred Centers

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Chakras are spinning disks of energy. The seven main ones run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They spin at a faster vibration as they go from low to high. Other cultures have known about chakras for centuries. This is my contribution towalking-paper-2111341_960_720 (2) those who would like to know more about them.

You can call it Chakra 101.

The root chakra is the most important because it is the one that all of the other chakras build upon. Fear, anxiousness, not being able to meet our most basic needs for survival or security, the inability to manifest prosperity, lack of trust, poor health, seeing and using appropriate boundaries ALL are issues of the root chakra. In her book, Judith adds:

Disconnection from the body is a cultural epidemic. Of all the losses rupturing the human soul today, this alienation may be the most alarming because it separates us from the very roots of existence. With jobs that are degrading, routines that are automatic, and environments that annihilate our senses, we lose the joy that arises from the dynamic connection with the only living presence we are guaranteed to have for the whole of our lives; our body.

A strong root chakra allows us to be grounded. Without being grounded, we live unconsciously ~ inattentive to our body and environment. Eating too much or too little are also issues of the root chakra. Subconsciously we may feel we don’t have the right to be here. On the other end of the spectrum, we may eat to fill the emptiness we feel in our daily lives.

Repairing the root chakra can be done in several ways. Walking in nature or berefoot on the earth are my favorite ways to strengthen the root. Foot massages and awareness of The body also aid the first chakra. I sometimes visualize my legs and feet going deep into the earth. I see them going lower and lower and wrapping around the core of the earth. Judith gives many more exercises in her book, Eastern Body Western Mind.

I hope this was helpful. All of the chakras are important and we need to take good care of them. I welcome your questions and comments and invite you to share what has worked for you.

Next time I will discuss chakra two: Guilt or pleasure. It should be interesting…