Go Ask Your Mother (part 3 of 7)

Power can be a tricky thing. It’s easily misused. We can give our power away or others may try and take it from us. One reason why we choose to give our power away may be to make it appear that other people are responsible for what happens next, not us. It can also make us feel like a helpless victim who has no choices. People can try and take our power by telling us how we should think or behave in certain situations. These are misuses of power It is never alright to use our power to manipulate another. Our personal power should only be used to make ourselves better, stronger, more enlightened or aware. If the two chakras below it are efficiently developed, then chakra three,...

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Anchor to Prosperity (Part 1 of 7)

Have you ever driven to work and realized when you got there that you didn't remember the ride? Do you often feel anxious or fearful in everyday life? Have you had a trauma at birth? These are a few of the issues related to the base (or root) chakra. The chakra system is a lengthy subject so I'll be breaking it down into seven parts, one for each major chakra. First I'd like to include a short explanation of the manifesting and liberating currents. These currents function along with the chakras. All work together. It's important to know that there are two main energy currents running through the body. One goes up and is called the liberating current. The liberating current is what helps...

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Always Remember

My memory dulls after so many years without him. I must not allow it. It helps to make a list. Write it down so I'll never forget. I must remember not only the good times, but the struggles too. I must remember the love as well as the pain. The fear of forgetting is strong. I will not let it win.  (more…)

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