Expanding Awareness (Part 7 of 7)

We can look at the aspen tree for a quick example of spiritual growth. In the fall it drops most of it's leaves, keeping only the leaves on top. Why is this? Perhaps it's because this is where the new growth is. The aspen tree lets go of old stuff while always growing higher.The seventh chakra (also known as the crown) is at the top of our head and it's where we grow spiritually. This is where we expand our consciousness and grow in awareness. The crown chakra is where we connect to the understanding that our lives are a part to the vast universe. Why should we care? Well, because the spiritual things are just as important as our body...

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Growing Intuition (part 6 of 7)

What's that uneasy feeling when we're about to do something we'll probably regret? How can we instantly know we like or dislike a person we've just met? When we have a night time dream that seems like a warning, how do we know what it means or whether we should trust it or not? It's our intuition; our inner guidance system. Everyone has intuition but it's stronger in some people; why? Because they have a more developed third eye chakra. (more…)

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The Heart of the Matter (part 4 of 7)

Nothing is more important in our lives as the giving and receiving of love. We love people, animals, and things in our environment. Love encompasses all. It is at the center of our life. Therefore, it makes sense that the heart chakra is in the center of our chakra system. There are three (more…)

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