Always Remember

My memory dulls after so many years without him. I must not allow it. It helps to make a list. Write it down so I'll never forget. I must remember not only the good times, but the struggles too. I must remember the love as well as the pain. The fear of forgetting is strong. I will not let it win.  (more…)

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Clear the Cobwebs with Guided Imagery

  Since it's hard to read with your eyes closed, have a friend read the following guided imagery to you or simply listen to the audio track below. [audio src=""][/audio] First, let's get relaxed... Sit in a comfortable position with both feet on (more…)

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Why We Were Chosen

That's the burning question when someone suffers a great loss like the death of their own child. Why was I chosen and not the person who is neglecting their kids? The unfairness can lead to anger, resentment and a host of other emotions. It's against the natural order. A parent should not outlive their child. However, it happens every day.  (more…)

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