Seeking The Spiritual

When the world around us seems to be unraveling beyond our control, we see a definite need for inner peace and balance. Our mind gives us endless chatter about what was or what might be. Our body needs constant attention. We need to be fed. We need exercise and rest. By seeking the spiritual we can break away from our busy mind. We can relax and heal our aching body. Our spiritual lives cannot be overlooked without creating stress, imbalance, tension,¬†and dis-ease. (more…)

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Holiday Grief

Whether it's the first year or the twentieth, our loved ones are still missed at the holidays. We want them to be remembered, we want their name spoken, we want memories of them shared. Our friends and relatives may want to avoid our grief. They may want to avoid us. We remind them of the trauma that we live with every day. We may bring them down. Oh well, we cannot control what other people think or do...So, my advice is this... (more…)

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The Heart of the Matter (part 4 of 7)

Nothing is more important in our lives as the giving and receiving of love. We love people, animals, and things in our environment. Love encompasses all. It is at the center of our life. Therefore, it makes sense that the heart chakra is in the center of our chakra system. There are three (more…)

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