Children of Heaven

What do the children in heaven do? How do they spend their time? They must be doing something meaningful, fun or creative, something that enriches their growth. They probably do things to help others, things to help us here on earth.

I can only imagine. 

The children of heaven must be of service. I’m sure they help others make the transitionpexels-photo-94616 from here to there. When someone dies suddenly, sometimes they are confused. They may not even realize they’re dead. They’re not sure what to do or where to go. These children help by stepping in to give guidance, love, comfort and understanding. After all…

It’s easy to trust in a child.

These children have learned more than some adults have learned about spiritual matters. They guide those souls crossing over by offering their experience. They offer their hand. It reaches out in kindness and service to help those making the transition. They show us there really is no separation between our world and theirs. They prove eternal life. These are messages we need to know and understand. They show us there is never an end to love. pexels-photo-325521

I see the children of heaven sitting in a beautiful meadow. Thousands of them are sitting in small groups. They’re talking, smiling, laughing, and singing songs they love to remember. I see them playing with a colorful beach ball. A child, a little girl, makes the beach ball fly up using only the energy of her mind. It’s the first time she does this and a lot of the other kids applaud her as she grins, satisfied with her new accomplishment. The beach ball bounces up again and again. It’s a game to keep it in the air. An older boy sends it up. It goes flying higher than it ever has before. The ball looks smaller as it flies up high. The other kids look up in awe. As it returns to the crowd, someone else, whose patiently waiting, gets a chance at it.

This game goes on and on.

When the children get an assignment or a task, like helping someone else, they will go complete it. Who gives the assignments? I’m not sure. I would say, ask the children then sit quietly to hear their answer.

It’s comforting to know the children are happy. They balance their activities. They have time for fun, they have projects and goals. They continue to learn new things. They learn what true oneness is.

When we need them: 

The children of heaven whisper messages of love to us. They comfort us. We feel we are the ones who have been left behind. They communicate as if they’re right beside us, because they are. I know this to be true because I’ve heard them. They say things only they would say, using their unique and unmistakable voice.

When I see all this action with the children of heaven, I want to be where they are. I want to watch over them. I want to belong there. But Then I know it’s not my home, not yet. There are still things I need to take care of here, like being of service in my own way.