Clear the Cobwebs with Guided Imagery


Have a friend read the following guided imagery to you or simply listen to the audio track below.

First, let’s get relaxed…

Sit in a comfortable position with both feet on the floor and close your eyes. Relax your toes and feet. Relax your ankles then your calves, your knees then relax your thighs. Let the relaxation move up to your hips then into your stomach and back. The relaxation moves up higher into your chest. Allow your fingers and hands to be completely relaxed. Feel your wrists relax then both your arms. Relax your shoulders and feel them move lower, completely relaxing. Feel your neck relaxing then your face. Feel your whole head relax as much as possible. Then relax your mind. If interfering thoughts come, let them easily drift away. Give your mind a much needed break and just pay attention to your breath. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out completely. Do this a few times to help the whole body relax.

     I am going to guide you on a journey. We are going to a special place. It’s a castle in the countryside. This is your castle and you can use your imagination to create it any way you like. I will take you through seven rooms. Each room is a different color. The colors represent the seven main energy centers in your body. By exploring and moving through each of the rooms, you will be moving the energy around in your body. This will help you feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Now let’s begin.

     You’re standing outside this castle and you see your name on the gate above the entrance. This shows it’s a safe and secure place that belongs only to you. Enter through the gate and feel your feet stepping on the path as you walk toward the castle. Notice the landscaping outside. Smell the flowers, bushes and trees along the entrance. Feel the warm breeze. Feel the sunshine.

Open the door and enter the castle. It feels comfortable, like you’re arriving at home after a long day. Inside, the room on the main floor is decorated in different shades of red. There are beautiful paintings and fine furniture all around. There is a large planter with a fruit tree in the corner of the room. You can pick and eat a piece of fruit off this tree if you wish. It tastes fresh and flavorful. At the far end of the room there is a staircase that leads up to the next room. Walk up the stairs.

  As you enter the next room, notice it is all decorated in orange. The walls and furniture are beautiful shades of orange. The room feels bright and happy. There is an aquarium by the wall full of fish. You can hear the bubbles in the tank and the motor softly running. Feed your fish. They are happy to see you and come to the top of the water to get their dinner. You can smell a floral arrangement on the table. The arrangement contains some of your favorite flowers. It feels good to be here. When you are ready, walk toward the stairway at the side of the room and go upstairs.

 The next room is decorated in yellow. It feels bright and cheery. In here there is a fireplace glowing with heat and you can feel it as you come closer. It is a fire that never goes out. It’s contained and completely safe, no need for maintenance. Hear the crackling of the wood as it burns. You see your favorite chair where you sit sometimes and read or watch the fire. When you’re ready, move toward the stairs and go up to the next room.

 This room is all in green. Open up a window and let some fresh air in. Feel the breeze. There is a table in the middle of the room with green chairs all around it. The table is full of your favorite foods, all ready to eat. It smells fabulous. Here you can invite anyone you love, alive or dead, to come and share a meal with you. Take a few minutes and choose who sits at the table. Share this special dinner. Enjoy the smiles and conversation (Pause). Say so long to your guests while remembering you can invite them back here again at anytime. The dishes will take care of themselves and you are going toward the stairs up to the next room.

 This room is all in beautiful shades of blue. There are blue curtains, blue vases with flowers, and music playing on the stereo. You can also hear the birds singing in the trees outside the open window. Looking outside, you see a playground. Children are playing and laughing. The sounds are cheerful and light. Move toward the stairway and go up to the next room.

  This room has colors of indigo, a deep purplish-blue color. Indigo is on the floor and walls. You can smell the lilacs in a vase on the table. There are several lamps in the room, making it full of light and color. There’s an interesting painting on the wall with ridges of texture from the paint strokes. You can run your hand over it and feel the lines and dried paint. When you are ready, let’s go up to the roof.

 The floor up here is solid purple. There are chairs near the edge where you can sit and look over. The sky is beautiful as you look up at it. You are up by the treetops and can see far away. Next to you, on the table are some fresh, purple flowers in a bowl. You can throw some of these flowers off the roof to give thanks for this special visit to the castle. Watch them drift to the ground. When you are ready we can go back down.

The stairway down is an easy walk. As you leave the purple room, you notice the room colors are also on the walls in the stairway. There’s purple, indigo, then step down to blue, then green, yellow, orange then red. Now you are ready to leave the castle. Walk out the door following the path to the front gate. Give thanks, knowing you can return here whenever you like.

Feel that you are sitting in the chair in your room where we started. Feel you body. You’re relaxed from head to foot. Take a deep breath, let it out and when you’re ready open your eyes.

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