Dancing With Life: Healing After the Death of a Child

Dancing With Life: Healing After the Death of a Child. Is the amazing true story about the supernatural occurrences and healing that took place in my life after the sudden death of my youngest son.

Dancing with Life refers to the ups and downs everyone deals with throughout life. The title embodies the struggles, the happiness, and the whole range of emotions we go through to become who we are. But the whole story of Dancing with Life: Healing after the Death of a Child deals with the true-life trauma of author Gayle R. Lee. “What inspires me the most is being able to turn an awful experience into a great gift. The death of my son has enabled me to help other people through their own grief process and perhaps give them some hope.” Dancing with Life “is the true story of my life after my youngest son, Eric, was killed in a car crash. After being a single parent for most of their lives, my kids, Shawn and Eric, asked if they could go live with their dad and stepmother. They moved over a hundred miles away. Nine months later, a police officer came to my door informing me that Eric had been killed in a car accident. Eric had snuck out of his dad’s house in the middle of the night to meet up with his friends. There were four of them in the car and three of them died.” She says, “After Eric died, I felt his spirit near me on a daily basis. On one occasion, I saw his ghost coming down the stairs and sitting next to me in a chair.”

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