Duality (part 2 of 7)

Where do dancers and other artists find the passion to perform their work? Where does the enthusiasm come from that provides the strong emotional characteristic to their creations? The answer to these questions in a large part is the second chakra. This is the chakra of movement, emotion, pleasure and sexuality.

Chakra two is where polarity begins

pexels-photo-338118While this chakra is developing, we begin to notice the differences between ourselves and others. It’s where we discover opposites like pleasure and pain, light and shadow, good and bad. A healthy second chakra allows us to move toward freedom. It allows us to have a balanced outlook on life and a healthy view of ourselves.

This chakra becomes damaged at a young age when a child lives in a harsh emotional climate. It becomes damaged by sexual abuse or a child being taught at a young age that their feelings and emotions should not be expressed. In order to regain control over our inner and outer environment we create defense mechanisms like moodiness or shutting down.

Anodea Judith, the renown chakra expert, describes these defense mechanisms as a way to keep the outside influences from coming in and the inside emotions from flowing out. We build emotional armor to protect ourselves but it also ends up separating us from others.

Chakra two is our emotional and reactive center

Taking time for pleasure and fun is an important part of our childhood. It helps us feel grey-crowned-crane-bird-crane-animal-45853alive and connected to our surroundings. This aspect needs to be carried into adulthood. Often we learn to concentrate on work and getting ahead. We forget to take the time for simple pleasures.

In her book, Eastern Body Western Mind, Judith explains that when we deny fun and pleasure, it can pave the way for addictions later in life. She says emotional wounds are the root cause of most addictions. We always feel like something is missing in our life. We crave more and more of what is not healthy for us.

How can we heal the second chakra? Judith gives several suggestions. First and perhaps most important is to stay in touch with our feelings. Feelings guide us to our passion and our life’s purpose

Our feelings are our life’s compass

Good feeling are stirred in us as we smell the aroma of our favorite food cooking in the kitchen or see the lovely colors in nature or by how we are moved by a great work of art.

Another way to heal our second chakra is by movement. Dancing, even if it’s just a littlepexels-photo-248139 jig to a song on the radio helps us move the energy through our whole system. it can be visualized as running water down the sink to clear the pipes. Internal movement is also essential and has the same effects (like laughing or crying).

We always feel better after a good laugh or cry

Lastly, healing of the second chakra can occur when we move energy through our system via the manifesting and liberating currents (see my previous post, Anchor to Prosperity for explanation on these currents). Judith agrees that streaming energy through our chakras restores balance.

Judith refers to the second chakra as the prime mover of energy, carrying our emotions toward growth, change and maturity. Balancing our second chakra allows us to feel grounded and secure. This, in turn, allows the higher chakras to perform to their capacity.

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