Expanding Awareness (Part 7 of 7)

We can look at the aspen tree for a quick example of spiritual growth. In the fall it drops most of it’s leaves, keeping only the leaves on top. Why is this? Perhaps it’s because this is where the new growth is. The aspen tree lets go of old stuff while always growing higher.The seventh chakra (also known as the crown) is at the top of our head and it’s where we grow spiritually. This is where we expand our consciousness and grow in awareness. The crown chakra is where we connect to the understanding that our lives are a part to the vast universe. Why should we care? Well, because the spiritual things are just as important as our body and mind. Our spiritual life needs to be nurtured. As a planet, our purpose is to evolve in consciousness.

“It is the tremendous experience of being conscious, which nature has laid upon mankind, and which unites the most diverse cultures in a common task”  C. G. JUNG

We connect to God through our crown chakra. It teaches us to accept that everyone is the same and different at the same time. We are all made of the same energy and materials but some of us are at different stages of development. We are learning different lessons. Some pray to Buddha, Ala, God, or the Universe. It does not matter. To evolve in consciousness, we need to respect each others choices. It benefits us to encompass all. One religion is no better than another.

In all of my posts on the chakra system, I have cited the book by Anodea Judith, titled Eastern Body Western Mind

Judith provides some fabulous quotes:

“Opening up to a higher power, and to the mystical and transcendental side of spirituality in general, requires the ability to surrender. Only by surrendering our attachments, our unworkable belief systems, our addictive habits, and our need to control, can we truly experience the magnitude of our universal identity. Only then we open to the abundant possibilities that exist.”


Judith gives the following tags to the chakras:

Chakra 7~An idea (Universal identity)

Chakra 6~An image (Archetypal identity)

Chakra 5~Our story (Creative identity)

Chakra 4~Relationships (Social identity)

Chakra 3~The self (Ego identity)

Chakra 2~Our feelings (Emotional identity)

Chakra 1~Our body (Physical identity)


Ascending current- As we move up the chakra system, we move toward freedom. Our upward energy is dynamic and expansive.As we ascend, the energy gets more inclusive of other people, other concepts, and possibilities.

Manifesting current- As we move down the system, our energy gets calmer and more systematic. When we move toward manifestation, we take what we have learned on the ascending current and apply it to our lives.


We started this series of posts with chakra one and moved up to the crown chakra. The top is not the end of the road. We need to continue seeking knowledge. As our knowledge grows, our beliefs change and we grow spiritually. From the top we must move back down utilizing the lessons we learned from all the chakras along the way. We bring understanding, consciousness and compassion to all the other chakras on our way down the manifesting current. Using our energy in this way breaks through the barriers that have held us back in the past. Instead of learning through trial and error, for instance, we devise a plan or a workable concept.

Judith explains this very well:

The journey upward allows us to access higher levels of organization and complexity, each one a new realization, a shift in perspective, a transformation. In the journey downward, however, we bring that higher awareness into our lower chakra activities. Instead of forming our decisions by feelings, we can base them on principles. Instead of repeating impulsive patterns, we can devise a strategy. Instead of merely discovering who we are, we can create who we are.

This post concludes my series on the chakra system. I hope those who have read them have enjoyed them and learned something new in the process. I welcome your comments.