Go Ask Your Mother (part 3 of 7)

Power can be a tricky thing. It’s easily misused. We can give our power away or others may try and take it from us. One reason why we choose to give our power away may be to make it appear that other people are responsible for what happens next, not us. It can also make us feel like a helpless victim who has no choices. People can try and take our power by telling us how we should think or behave in certain situations.

These are misuses of power

It is never alright to use our power to manipulate another. Our personal power should only be used to make ourselves better, stronger, more enlightened or aware.

If the two chakras below it are efficiently developed, then chakra three, our power chakra has a better chance of being healthy and vibrant. This means it is not overly strong or weak. It means we are not easily manipulated by others. We have a strong sense of self. We are able to treat others fairly and with compassion.

Our third chakra is also where we manifest our dreams and desires. It’s where we connect with our own reality and it’s where we create our future.

In the book Eastern Body Western MindAnodea Judith says:

To restructure the way we think of power and to channel and contain that power within our being is the challenge of the third chakra. It transforms us, igniting our life with purpose. To have true power emanating from within renews the joy of being alive.

What is needed to reclaim our power is to enter into an entirely new dynamic, a new definition of power that lifts us out of struggle and into transformation, out of the past and into the future, one that inspires, strengthens, and empowers individuals without diminishing others.

I couldn’t say it better! That’s the reason for the block quote from her marvelous book!

It benefits us in a huge way when we step out of our comfort zones. Jumping out of the ordinary and into the unknown strengthens our personal power. It lights the fire in our third chakra that helps us grow and expand our being.

Many people do not awaken this chakra at all, and spend their whole lives following the path of least resistance, giving their power to others, and defining themselves in terms of what is expected…We have power when we dare to live authentically, when we reach inside ourselves and tell the naked truth. The more we dare to take risks, to question, to be true to ourselves, the easier it becomes. Power comes when we are willing to make mistakes and to be responsible for them, to learn from them and to correct them.

When we feel ashamed of ourselves or of an outside circumstance, it shrinks our third chakra. We become smaller. We slouch our body and our breathing becomes shallow. Shame creates a block in our whole system. It splits us in two. This, in turn, forces the other chakras to work harder to compensate for the split.

How can we heal our third chakra?

Start from the inside. Face fears

Breathe deep, improve posture

Visualize a beautiful, bright fire burning within the center of the torso

Engage in physical activity

Take risks, make goals, gain control of your life and your own decisions

Use guided meditations that improve grounding (see post 1 of 7, Anchor to Prosperity)

Eat nutritious food

Read the book, Eastern Body Western Mind

Anodea Judith leads workshops about healing the chakra system (link directly above)

Healing our chakras is work but it is worth it a thousand times fold.