Growing Intuition (part 6 of 7)

What’s that uneasy feeling when we’re about to do something we’ll probably regret? How can we instantly know we like or dislike a person we’ve just met? When we have a night time dream that seems like a warning, how do we know what it means or whether we should trust it or not? It’s our intuition; our inner guidance system. Everyone has intuition but it’s stronger in some people; why? Because they have a more developed third eye chakra.

This is our sixth chakra and it’s located inside our head right between our eyebrows. This chakra may seem like a mystery but it has some very important functions. One of the main functions is pattern recognition. When we’re more conscious about recognizing our own behavior patterns, it’s easier to change them.

When we meet a new person and we know deep down that we won’t like them, we don’t want to be around them, it’s because of something in our past. The person fits into a pattern we have learned of before. Our intuition tells us~in feelings~that this person should be avoided. Looking at them may remind us of a serial killer in the news or of our long-lost crazy Uncle Harry. On the positive side, we may meet someone who seems very pleasant. This person feels like someone we can instantly trust and confide in. Dark or light, we use the same sense (intuition) to determine this.

We can develop our third eye chakra in several ways. Anodea Judith gives some examples in her book, Eastern Body Western Mind. One way is to do our dream work.Of course, there are different types of dreams. Some have more meaning than others. (Please see my earlier post, Working With Dreams for more information about dream types). But dreams are mostly symbolic. We can determine what a dream means by analyzing the symbols within it.

There are universal symbols. Our dreams are usually~always~about ourselves. A house represents our body and a vehicle represents how we get around. Dreaming of another person usually means that the quality or qualities of that person are also in us, whether we realize it or not. Water usually represents emotion. Most of my dream symbol interpretation comes from the book, The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams by Wilda B. Tanner. A very important aspect of the dream is how we feel about it after waking up.

We can develop better dream recall if we use a dream journal

Another way to develop chakra six is through the study of mythology. In mythology there are symbols called archetypes. A few examples are, hero, mother, father, humanitarian, joker, villain, etc…Mythology stretches our mind and helps us think abstractly. We use our imagination.

We can also develop chakra six by creating visual art. It doesn’t matter if other people appreciate what we have created. What is important is that we use our own creativity.

Coloring mandalas or making collages are other ways we can use our creativity, thereby developing chakra six.

Visualization develops this chakra. When we visualize, we develop our creative side and this has a ripple effect.

Guided meditations and journeys are also an excellent way to develop our sixth chakra.

When we take the time to develop this chakra, we become more intuitive. Intuition is a huge benefit to our daily lives. It helps our life go smoother!  Judith gives a great quote in her book:

By learning to contact, listen to and act on our intuition, we can directly connect to the

higher power of the universe and allow it to become our guiding force. ~ Shakti Gawain


I will conclude this post with one more quote from Judith’s book:

Sixth chakra development is usually referred to as spiritual awakening. We suddenly see with new eyes, experience profound insight, change our perspective and attitude, or receive a vision. It can happen at any time in life, but like the light of most dawns, it is often preceded by darkness. It is darkness that makes us reach into the depths of our soul beyond where we have been before, in order to create a new reality. It is always darkest before the dawn.