Kisses From a Dragonfly

It was a day fit for a small celebration. I finally had some relief at work and got to use some long-deserved personal time any way I pleased. It was an early fall evening, still warm, so I took my book and fold-up chair to my favorite park. The sun was still shining as I picked a spot in the shade beside the tree line. No one was around except Mother Nature. Opening my book, I felt relief and freedom, two feelings that blended together perfectly. I was only sitting for a couple of minutes when a dragonfly landed on the page I was reading.

A rush of excitement washed over me as I flashed back to the times Eric had brought the dragonflies to cheer me up from my grief. It was so long ago but the feeling was the same. It was like a reminder. Silently I asked, “Eric is that you? Did you bring this bug?” The dragonfly quickly flew off. It caught a bug and came right back. As I felt my son’s presence, warm feelings of love and well-being buzzed through my whole body. This is so nice, I thought, a visit from you on this lovely day makes this moment much more special, almost perfect.

The dragonfly flew to my knee. I saw it kiss or lick my jeans several times. With my reading glasses on I could see all the tiny details. I touched it and it stayed. I drank in that moment like a warm cup of cocoa. It landed on my book again, the opposite page of the one I was reading.

Memories have a way of rushing back, no matter how long ago they were created. It’s been over twenty years. Twenty-four years, two months and five days to be exact, since I’ve had him here in the physical. I am happier now. The grief has worked through me. I have integrated it into the life I have now. He knew this. It made it easier for him to visit. He didn’t have to experience the heavy sadness I used to carry. He was happy for me, of how far I have come. This I knew.

That dragonfly stayed for the longest time. Few would believe me if I told them. These magical moments are precious gifts we can keep forever. Simple things can mean so much. Times like these strengthen and build us. They make the hard times much more bearable. In fact, times like these show us how insignificant our problems are. Our problems are fleeting. Moments like these are eternal.