What will your legacy be? What will your children, grandchildren or people in the world remember about you when you’re gone? Will it be your character, your personality or the job you’ve worked at for most of your life? These questions are worth pondering.

It’s an easy answer if you’re a famous singer, actor or someone who’s been in the public memorial-lincoln-president-monument-161892eye. But most of us have not. Everyone wants their life to be remembered in a positive way. They want to know their life has counted for something.

Sometimes we can form an opinion about someone we don’t really know. Just by observing them, we see some of the things they have done. They mess up and do something we see as wrong or unkind and that’s what we end up remembering about them. We tend to forget the good stuff. I have been on both sides of this judgement, most of us have. It’s easier to recall just the negative stuff. But that sells people short.

Everyone has struggles. Sometimes overcoming these struggles can be a life long process. Would you want the world to remember you as a person who has triumphed over a great personal struggle? That seems like someone with a strong character.

If I had a career that helped others who were ailing in some way, that would also be a legacy people would remember me for. If I worked at a low paying job my whole life in order to support my children, Would I be remembered  as someone dedicated to family soldier-military-uniform-americanand their well being? Or would I be thought of as a person who didn’t try very hard? Our legacy is much bigger than this. It’s much more than what others think of us.

There seem to be large and small legacies. Most of us will never be famous, but it’s important that we’re remembered in a positive way by the people who know us best. We want to be remembered in a positive way by our own tribe. Our tribe is our family, our closest friends, our ancestors and our teachers. Our tribe is all the people who have made the biggest impact on our life. We may not even know who all of the members of our tribe are.

The memories that the people in our tribe have of us are the most important. The tribe  will know our true legacy.

People are born~and people die every day. Their lives all count. Everyone has a tribe. Everyone has a legacy. The question is, how will your tribe or the world remember you?