Mind-Body Connection (5 of 7)

Rather than writing out a long, boring, psychological explanation about what the mind-body connection is, there is a simple answer to this question. It’s the neck. The neck is what connects the mind and body. The neck is the home of the throat chakra. When we think of the functions of the this chakra, we think of communication, singing and talking. That’s true. However, communication not only includes what we say but also what we hear. What goes out and what comes in are both equally important.

 As humans we not only need to express ourselves but we need to be heard. Everyone appreciates a good listener.


When our mind is thinking pleasant thoughts, our body responds in a positive way. We feel good and the energy in out body flows. When we experience stressful situations, like someone yelling at us, these noises effect our body. Our neck and shoulders may tighten and we cut off the energy flow. Some of these polluting sounds include sirens, traffic, construction noise, and our television, just to name a few. Noise pollution is known to be a major contributor to stress.


The throat is like the bridge between two worlds. When our energy isn’t flowing properly, sometimes our mind is cut off from our body. Our mind tends to think of the worst possible things that can happen.Those negative possibilities repeat over and over like a hamster running in a wheel. When disconnected, our mind acts like a nagging parent. How do we deal with a nagging parent? We tune them out. We ignore them. It’s a defense mechanism. When we like what we’re hearing, we can instantly reconnect. Our shoulders loosen and drop. The tightness in our neck disappears.

In many of my recent posts I have quoted Anodea Judith and her marvelous book, Eastern Body Western Mind

Judith explains it well:

The sign of a healthy fifth chakra–one that is connected to both mind and body–is a resonant and rhythmic voice that speaks truthfully, clearly, and concisely. Conversation with others is balanced, with a true ability to listen and respond…If the fifth chakra is blocked, we become excessively introverted and can neither express nor take in new information…A fearful person will be afraid to speak their truth. A person without ego strength will be afraid of what others think and give up their authenticity.


Writing is an excellent exercise for creating a healthy throat chakra. When we write, we can be totally honest (especially when we know no one else will be reading it). We can get things off our chest that are not easily communicated person to person with words. Writing letters to those who have passed on is therapeutic and healing for our mind, body and spirit.


Judith has plenty to say about the benefits of music

Music can move us to tears, fill us with joy, inspire our body to shake and dance, or calm and excite us. Music in the background of movies and television plays our emotions like an instrument. Music sells products in advertising, and entertains, teases, inspires, and unites. Songs are the spiritual record of humanity, recording its trials and triumphs, and binding the thread of communities, religions, and political movements…Music unites the soul of the body with the mind and spirit.

Would you like to learn more?

I highly recommend Eastern Body Western Mind to anyone interested in the arts of healing. Her information is vital for good health and well being. Next, I will be writing about chakras 6  & 7.