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Fortitude: A Quest Through Fear and Doubis a story about overcoming the

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limitations we place on ourselves. These limitations usually begin in childhood and can effect us our entire lives. It’s a story about triumph, transformation, and perseverance. It illustrates the strength and buoyancy of the human spirit. Fortitude was published in June of 2017.


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Dancing With Life: Healing After the Death of a Child Is the amazing true story about the supernatural occurrences and healing that took place in my life after the sudden death of my youngest son. Dancing With Life was published in 2012.







Eastern Body Western Mind By Anodea Judith blends psychology with the chakra system. She also has a website called Sacred Centers that offers a wide range of talks, classes, telecourses, and more. To learn more about Anodea Judith and her website:  Anodea Judith      Sacred Centers


There is a series of channeled books by Paul Selig, including I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The book of Mastery, and The Book of Knowing and Worth. These interesting books raise your vibration just by reading them.


The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin. His book helps the reader let go of emotional baggage. He gives exercises that are very effective.


Wayne Dyer has written numerous inspirational books over the years. He co-authored with Esther Hicks in 2014 to write Co-creating at Its Best A Conversation Between Master Teachers.


Nature-Speak and Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. These are great reference books when searching for meaning and omens in nature.


Abraham-Hicks has a series of exceptional books, also you tube videos. Esther Hicks is well known as an expert in her field of the Law of Attraction. Her videos are very popular. Her internationally acclaimed website is:


Big Mind DVD set by Genpo Roshi. Studying these DVD’s has helped me discover and effectively work with my own shadow personalities. More information about Genpo Roshi, his events, books and DVD’s, can be found at


The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book teaches the reader how to use muscle testing to improve health and well-being of the self and others.



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