Seeking The Spiritual

When the world around us seems to be unraveling beyond our control, we see a definite need for inner peace and balance. Our mind gives us endless chatter about what was or what might be. Our body needs constant attention. We need to be fed. We need exercise and rest. By seeking the spiritual we can break away from our busy mind. We can relax and heal our aching body. Our spiritual lives cannot be overlooked without creating stress, imbalance, tension, and dis-ease.

Some believe that becoming more spiritual is hard work. I believe its the most natural thing we can do. We are spirits before we’re born and we’re spirits after we leave this physical world. We are spirits now! So, what could be more natural? It’s always a part of who we are. We are mind, body, and spirit. Becoming more spiritual is not hard, my friends, but it does require our attention. We will always be human as long as we have a body and analytical as long as we have a mind but we are also always spirit now and forever.


So, how do we become more spiritual? 

Meditation is recommended by many masters of the spiritual realm~quieting the mind and putting our attention elsewhere. This can only be done for short periods of time before the mind takes over and wisps us away to the past or the future. There are much easier forms of meditation. Walking meditations, guided meditations, meditations where we only have to listen.

There are thousands of books on spirituality. In my books and media section, I recommend a few. However, spirituality is not in a book. It’s inside us all. Reading about it helps only if we put it into practice. Reading about it opens a door to what’s inside us. Then the work begins!


When we practice things that are spiritual, our spirituality becomes stronger. Our soul grows.

Test what you read and hear for truth. Practice muscle testing, ask others you trust, ask for signs then be open to receiving them. Be observant. Animals, dreams, things other people say, cloud formations, songs you hear, all can be signs. You can feel it when it ‘s a sign. We tend to doubt ourselves. There are always doubts. A medium told me my son would give me an owl as a sign he was near. I said,”I’m not outside at night when owls come out”. She said even pictures of owls. That same day I saw a picture of an owl and thought of him.



What helps?

Sometimes we just need to clear out some of the clutter inside us. We need to let go of what’s hindering our progress. There are so many ways to let go of our emotional garbage.

Law of attraction states, what you focus on you get more of. If we focus on our sadness, we get more. If we focus on the magical world of spirit, we get more.

If you’re a believer in science, One of the basic laws is that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it only changes form. And everything is energy. That law proves that our loved ones on the other side are always alive in spirit.


How can we connect????

Say their name and they come. Instantly. They can be in many places at once. I’m not sure how that works. They can be in your heart, at your side, with their siblings, everywhere.~

They are well, so much more than we are. We have these heavy bodies to drag around with us every day. Our mind distracts us and plays tricks on us sometimes. They left these behind. They are free of the weight and they continue to evolve and grow.

Grief blocks communication but we must grieve. Time, patience, and trust are needed during this time. Allow all the time you need for grief. Be patient with yourself, your progress, and others. Trust that your helpers in spirit will guide you to what you need.

It’s not hard being more spiritual. It just takes some attention.