Kisses From a Dragonfly

It was a day fit for a small celebration. I finally had some relief at work and got to use some long-deserved personal time any way I pleased. It was an early fall evening, still warm, so I took my book and fold-up chair to my favorite park. The sun was still shining as I picked a spot in the shade beside the tree line. No one was around except Mother Nature. Opening my book, I felt relief and freedom, two feelings that blended together perfectly. I was only sitting for a couple of minutes when a dragonfly landed on the page I was reading. (more…)

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Why We Were Chosen

That's the burning question when someone suffers a great loss like the death of their own child. Why was I chosen and not the person who is neglecting their kids? The unfairness can lead to anger, resentment and a host of other emotions. It's against the natural order. A parent should not outlive their child. However, it happens every day.  (more…)

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