The Veil Between Us

People call it a veil but the separation between the living and deceased seems like something else. When I think of a veil, it’s thin and see-through. The separation between us seems to change, my son. It feels like you’re a thousand miles away sometimes. Then other times I know you’re here.

I can’t seem to comprehend how a spirit can be all places at once. But still, I believe it’s true. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it until I’m there.

I’ve lived most of my life without you. But I know we’re connected by the bond of love. I know when I think of you or say your name, you’re here. You’re quick too.

I don’t know if it does any good to try and understand how it all works. But I would like to understand. I was listening to a book on CD in the car when I felt your presence so strong. I knew it was you. I was trying to understand how time works. Quantum physics pexels-photo-121734they called it. You wanted me to pay close attention. I think I got the basic concept.

Time is a construct of the physical world. It is of no use to you in the spiritual.

Back to this veil…

I have learned there are times when this veil is thinner~or lifted. It’s the in-between times. Although I don’t understand why.

It’s early morning, when everyone is still asleep. I am not fully awake yet but I am not sleeping either. That’s a magical time. It’s when my dreams are still fresh. The other time is evening; right when the sun goes down. The day is not quite over and it’s not yet night.

That’s a magical time when things move. messages, animals and the sky.

At those in-between times communication is easier. They’re good times for us to talk. I am more receptive then, it seems.

Night time when I dream, you visit. This is undeniable. You know these dreams are so precious to me. Anyone who has experienced this understands what a gift it is.

At night, when I’m sleeping, our worlds merge. Everyone can be together, visiting with family, our teachers, our tribe. Then we can learn, remember, or just be. We canpexels-photo-159983 let the past, present and future all run together like paint on a canvas.

I love those times.

It bothered me for a long time that your life was so short and mine was so long. This was not a good plan, I thought. It wasn’t fair.

I realize now it’s not for me to judge, what should or shouldn’t be. We each have a plan when we come here. We have lessons to learn. Apparently, I have more lessons than you did, so it will take a little longer.

I saw the wisdom in your eyes the day you were born. Your soul was more evolved.

Is that why you love music so much?

Is that why you wanted to just have fun?

Is that why you kept throwing your math book in the dumpster?

Yes, yes and yes, but…

I still have so many questions.