Working With Dreams

There are different kinds of dreams. I learned this from the Native American tradition. Some dreams are simply meaningless. Some dreams inform us of our physical or mental condition and our progress. Others give us clues of what’s to come. These are dreams that give us helpful information or messages. Then there are dreams of people who have crossed over. These dreams are visits; they are treasures, especially when we miss that person so much. There are epic dreams too. These are rare but they do happen.


I have had one dream in my life that I consider to be epic. I was taking a dream interpretation class at the time and I was pregnant with my son who crossed over at 13. I dreamed I saw the Pope floating down the river on a raft (I am not Catholic). I was standing at the river bank. As he went by he said to me, “God bless you, Gayle” That dream was in 1979 and I remember it to this day.

I have been interested in dream interpretation ever since I can remember. Anyone who knows me or has read my first book would agree. It fascinates me.

There is a dream book I use when I can’t figure out the meaning of a dream. It’s called, The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams by Wilda B. Tanner. I have used this book for interpretation over the years, so much it’s almost worn out! She gives the meaning of symbols in our dreams. Some symbols are universal. But most important is how we feel about the dream afterwards.

Houses and vehicles tend to tell us about our condition. Dreaming of a storm, I have pexels-photo-192642learned, is a warning of trouble coming. And most of the people in our dreams are telling us about aspects of ourselves~that are like the person we are dreaming about. Water in our dream is telling us about our emotions. Fresh, clean water is best. Dirty, murky water is not so good.

Reading a book about dreams woke up my dreams in a big way a couple months ago. Since then, I have remembered a dream almost every night. Then I listened to a webinar on dreaming. That really got things moving in my dream life.

I attended a spiritual workshop out of town over the weekend. I was not sure what to expect. The first night in the hotel, I dreamed I was in France because the people talking had accents. I was in a cafe’ when a man came over and told me I should try playing the stock market. He gave me a paper and said,

“It would be hard to lose on this one”

Then he gave me three queens (playing cards). In the dream, I decided I would play the stock market. Then I woke up. Wow, this is interesting, I thought.

The next night (after attending the workshop) I dreamed I was cleaning out underneath a big house. I was in the crawl space under the house with a stick, pulling out old clothes and kid’s toys. Then I pulled out some baby clothes. They were white and still in the package, unused.

Here’s the kicker: Last night I dreamed I saw a front page newspaper headline. It said:

Medical Marijuana Cures Cancer. 

A couple days later I saw part of the news. They were talking about marijuana and how more states will soon be legalizing it. I had been considering buying stock in medical marijuana for a few months now (I don’t know where the idea originally came from) but I have not had the opportunity to do it until now. After these two dreams, I got the ball rolling. There was just too much synchronicity to ignore.

The broker at the investment firm asked me why I decided to invest in this stock. I didn’t want to tell him it was because of a dream, so I told him the other truth. It was something I have been considering for some time and never had the opportunity to do until now.  ♥